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Most waste businesses in the UK will require an EA Waste Licence. If you are looking to set up a recycling centre or you also want to import waste to treat it you will need an Environment Agency Waste Licence.

These permits or licences are different to a “waste carriers licence”. These WCL’s only allows you to officially carry waste from one place to another. These types of licences are very easy to apply for. WCL’s and are not something that Paul Downing & Associates deal with.

However, if you are looking to set up a waste transfer centre or recycling centre therefore we can help you get started. Every Waste Licence should be treated similar to a planning application. It will need several supporting surveys. It will take as long as a planning application to obtain.

Each EA waste licence application is treated separately and is linked to a specific area of land. If you do not already have a site then you are not ready to apply.

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Whether you are looking to recycle vehicles, metals, construction waste or skip hire. We can help you obtain the correct planning and permits.

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Paul, helped us achieve an ELV permit for our new car breaking facility. Thank you.

Peter Todorov - Director

United Breakers – ELV Permit Application
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