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Independent Environmental Consultants, Environmental Permits, Waste Management & Planning Applications.

We are independent environmental consultants who deliver consultancy, waste and energy management services throughout the UK. We work with businesses in the Industrial & Manufacturing sectors.

Customer-Focused Solutions

We take pride in delivering an exceptional level of bespoke service to all our clients across the UK. Paul is an environmental consultant based in Hampshire. He has worked in large UK plc’s and managed teams of consultants in the past. Paul personally oversees every project, even if one of his associates is assigned to work with you.

Whether you are looking to solve a legal environmental compliance issue or need help and guidance. We can help to push through a process change or planning application, furthermore, you can be assured of a tailored solution based on your particular requirements.

We are independent environmental consultants not environmentalists. Our primary aim therefore, is to help your business through the mass of environmental legislation. We also aim to minimise resource use, waste and costs wherever possible.

PRIVACY. We only collect information related to you directly from an enquiry you have made and shared with us, in order to provide you with information related to our products and services. We do not disclose this information to any other 3rd parties except for Google for analytics and data analysis purposes.

Paul Downing & Associates

Headley Down, Hampshire

GU35 8JW

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independent environmental consultants

Paul Downing, Environmental Consultant


Paul has over 25 years of working in the environment, energy and waste sector in the UK & abroad in EMS auditing and environmental permitting. During his time in consultancy he has managed large teams of consultants and budgets on infrastructure projects.

Paul’s Associates

John Carden


John has worked on many energy projects including recent ESOS assessments. He has 20 years experience in working on EPC/BREEAM and CfSH projects and is a chartered energy manager.

Rachel Wildblood


Rachel has over 16 years experience of waste consultancy worldwide and has previously worked for the Environment Agency in waste regulation.

David Walker

David Walker

David is a hydrogeologist who has over 14 years of industrial experience in contaminated land and water related projects in both the UK and overseas. David has worked for the Environment Agency in contaminated land regulation.

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