Environmental Surveys

Scoping Your Survey

We can help you to develop and scope the environmental surveys that are required to accompany your environmental permit or planning application to either the Environment Agency or Local Planning Authority. In many cases you will want to ensure that any survey conducted will be acceptable to the regulator, otherwise you will be wasting your money.

Most of our surveys and any monitoring we do will always be developed with a purpose in mind. i.e. to discharge a planning condition on a planning application or to help you comply with an environmental permit condition imposed by the Environment Agency.

Things to consider before completing any environmental surveys

  • What am I hoping to achieve
  • Why am I completing this survey
  • Is it really necessary
  • Have I been asked to do this by a regulator or the planning authority?
  • Could I provide the evidence/data by any other means?
  • Is this the right time to do this, are weather conditions favourable?
  • Am I getting the right company to do this
  • Is there accreditation available?
  • Can I convince the regulators to postpone this survey until a later date
  • Will this survey definitely close out my planning condition or environmental permit requirement?

Types of Environmental Surveys

We can arrange for numerous surveys to be constructed and undertaken which will provide the data required in order to make your permit application or planning application successful. Listed below are just some of the surveys that we undertake, however if you require another survey then just call us and we’ll ┬átalk you through how best to develop it and implement it. We are ┬ámulti-disciplinary environmental consultancy and can help with all types of survey work.

  • Phase1 Desktop Surveys
  • Phase 2 Contaminated Land Surveys
  • Waste Water Monitoring
  • Surface Water Monitoring
  • Dust Surveys
  • Air Monitoring and Modelling
  • Noise Surveys
  • Traffic Movements
  • Ecology Surveys
  • Habitats Regulations
  • BAT Assessments


I found Paul tremendous help in guiding our business through the first year of post 14001 certification. He provided much needed support to our organisation with internal auditing and bespoke training and professional advice on environmental management.

Kurt Koelho, EHS Manager

HVMS – ISO 14001
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