Site Condition Report

SCR's For Permit Applications

You may need to produce a site condition report if you apply for, transfer, vary or surrender an environmental permit.

The purpose of a SCR is to establish the risk of pollution/contamination below the ground or in groundwater. This is important if you are taking over a new site as you will want to know the liability you are potentially taking on.

If you are applying for a new permit application, you need to establish the ground condition at the application stage. Should you surrender the permit years down the road you will need to return the site to it’s original condition.

The Environment Agency have a horizontal guidance note (H5) that describes how the report is to be assimilated and whether you need to gather soil or groundwater data.

The SCR acts as a baseline survey to establish how a site’s ground conditions are before or after regulated activity. Such as an application, transfer or surrender.

You will need to identify all risk factors such as existing and historical contamination sources. Also, you will need to identify any pollutant linkages to potential receptors such as underground aquifers or chalk strata.

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