Environmental Permitting Regulations

Is your business required to make an environmental permit application to either the Environment Agency or Local Authority? Are you covered under the Environmental Permitting Regulations (EP)? If you have never made a permit application then the process may seen almost complex and daunting.

Paul Downing & Associates can help you through the permit  application process. Likewise, we have a good track record in obtaining permits from both the Environment Agency and Local Authorities and therefore have been successful with numerous permit applications. Our diverse of clients means that we are experienced in applying for permits for a wide range of industrial sectors.We work with power stations, waste recycling centres, ELV ATF’s and transfer stations. Contact us whatever industry your business is in.

Environmental Permitting Regulations

Permit Application

Every environmental permit application requires a large number of supporting documents and surveys. These include environmental risk assessments (H1) and an environmental management system (EMS) furthermore, these need to be accompany the permit application forms themselves. Site condition reports (SCR’s) and baseline surveys help to determine the state of your installation at the beginning of the application. Finally, when the operation is closed it is clear what impact you have had on the environment during the life of the permit. We can help with all aspects of the application process. Including reports and surveys including scoping the application with the appropriate regulator. Furthermore, Paul Downing & Associates determine a programme of activity to ensure that your application has every chance of success. Our consultants will support you through the application and post application phases.

Contact us for a discussion on the EP Regs 2016 and if it applies to your business. Because it is not always easy or clear to decipher the regulations.

I have used Paul Downing & Associates Ltd to liaise with both Hampshire County Council and The Environment Agency for our environmental permit and waste planning application. Paul and his team have been both professional and thorough with our applications and have guided us through the whole process

James Cooke, Director.

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