waste and minerals planning

Waste And Minerals Planning

Waste and minerals planning applications are required for businesses who operate a waste management facility. Unlike residential and other commercial businesses waste and mineral planning applications are handled by the county council and not the…

Environment Agency Permits

Environment Agency Permits

Paul Downing & Associates has been helping businesses apply for Environment Agency Permits in varying industrial sectors. We can help your business apply for vary, transfer or surrender several types of Environment Agency Permits including…

FPP Guidance

FPP Guidance

The Environment Agency’s Fire Prevention Plan Guidance – FPP Guidance is a prescriptive set of guidelines for preventing and managing fires on waste management sites that store or treat combustible waste materials. It is necessary…



An Environment Agency Fire Prevention Plan or EA FPP is required for every environmental permit application to store or treat combustible waste. Guidance on what is required to be in the EA FPP can be…

Environmental Waste Permit

Environmental Waste Permit

We can help you apply for an environmental waste permit from the Environment Agency if you are a business in the waste management sector. We have helped waste transfer stations, aggregates sites, hazardous waste transfer…

Minerals Waste Planning Application

Minerals And Waste Planning Application

You will need to apply to the County Council for a Minerals Waste Planning Application if you are a waste business regulated by the County Council. Chances are that you may already have an environmental…

waste management licence

Waste Management Licence

Many waste transfer stations used to be regulated by issue of a waste management licence. These are now gradually being replaced by newer style environmental permits issued by the Environment Agency. If your waste business…

Environmental Consultancy London

Environmental Consultancy In London

Environmental Consultancy London and the south east of England focusing on environmental permit applications for waste management companies and industrial businesses. We have over 25 years of working in the environmental sector and we provide…

waste recovery plan

Waste Recovery Plan

A waste recovery plan is sometimes required to accompany an environmental permit application to the Environment Agency, to determine if your proposed operation is waste recovery or waste disposal. Recovery is the process of using…

Standard Rules Environment Agency Permit

Standard Rules Environment Agency Permit

You may need a standard rules Environment Agency permit if your industrial or manufacturing business is regulated under the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2016. A standard rules Environment Agency permit is just that, a permit with…


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