Transfer Station Permit

If you are opening a waste transfer station, you will need an environmental permit from the Environment Agency. There are two types of permit however, standard rules and bespoke permits. Paul Downing & Associates has…

Environmental Surveyor

We are an Environmental Surveyor who helps waste businesses and industry. Paul Downing & Associates can therefore design & provide surveys of your waste or manufacturing business. If you are also applying for planning permission…

waste licence

Waste Licence Applications

If you need to apply for a waste licence or environmental permit from the Environment Agency, we can help. Paul Downing & Associates have helped many waste businesses apply for and successfully achieve the relevant…

Setting Up A New ELV Business

Here is our latest article on ATF professional. Subject – setting up a new ELV business & getting a new vehicle depollution permit. For further information about obtaining the correct permit and planning please…

car breakers licence

Car Breakers Licence

If you plan to depollute or dismantle end of life vehicles (ELV’s) then you will need a car breakers licence. This is also known as an ELV permit. You will then become an ATF (authorised…

Who needs an environmental permit?

Who Needs An Environmental Permit?

Who needs an Environmental Permit? – Business activities listed in schedule 1, part 2 of the environmental permitting regulations. If your business activity is listed in the EP regs, and you are therefore above the…

ATF Environmental Permit

We can help you apply to the Environment Agency for an ATF Environmental Permit. Do you therefore want to set up an ELV depollution or dismantling yard? We can help you apply. An ATF permit…

Waste Permit Application

Paul Downing & Associatese can help you with a Waste Permit Application from the Environment Agency. We help recycling centres, waste transfer stations or ELV de-pollution businesses. We can help with all types of environmental…

Bespoke Waste Environmental Permit

Bespoke waste environmental permit application to the Environment Agency? Do you need to apply? If so then we have a track record of helping waste businesses apply and obtain environmental permits. If you cannot apply…

water discharges

Water Discharges

Water discharges can be to a foul sewer or a surface or groundwater. The former is regulated by the local water company, the latter is regulated by the Environment Agency.


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