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Energy Management Solutions

The drivers for energy consultancy projects are many and various. This might also include compliance to a certification scheme (ISO 50001) or an audit to help quantify energy losses in your manufacturing business which can identify payback in financial terms.Whatever your energy compliance obligations we can help. If you are a manufacturing business in industry and you need help with a certification scheme such as ISO 50001 or just require an energy audit to identify cost savings we can help you develop therefore a more efficient energy management system.

All of our associate energy consultants are members of the institute of energy management. Call us today on 07790147084 or email


Energy Management Solutions

We offer a range of energy consultancy solutions for the modern manufacturing business. Above all, compliance to ISO 50001, ESOS and certification for buildings and properties such as EPC's, DEC's & CEEMARS. We can also provide an energy audit of you manufacturing or factory business. We can therefore identify where energy and cost savings can be made. Should you need the services of an energy broker or management company we can look into this for you.


Environmental Management

Paul Downing & Associates offer a range of consultancy, waste and energy management solutions for the modern manufacturing business. Paul Downing & Associates offers services for compliance to legislation, permit applications, audits, ISO 14001 and other services. We can help quantify your impacts on the environment and therefore manage legal compliance and certification schemes on your behalf.


Permits and Consents

Permits & Consents
We offer a range of services to waste management companies who need waste permits, environmental permits and licences. These are needed to operate and those who need to need to stay abreast of UK legislation. We also conduct waste audits on operational businesses wanting to minimise resource use. If you are a waste business operating a transfer station or landfill activity we can help you apply, vary or surrender an environmental permit including helping increase your business by applying for additional waste codes and waste volumes for your business.

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