SR 2021 No 12

SR 2021 No 12

SR 2021 No 12 Small Scale Vehicle Depollution and Dismantling.

The Environment Agency have issued a new small scale ELV permit SR 2021 No 12. This permit is for small scale car breakers who wish to treat less than 750 tonnes per annum.

This standard rules permit helps small companies just starting up as well as individuals. There is no requirement to produce a full Fire Prevention Plan although you will have to comply with it’s requirements.

We have helped several small scale businesses apply for and obtain this environmental permit. The required documentation is much less than other permits and the EA fees are much reduced.

Units and yards must still install fire detection and fire suppression. Vehicles still need to be to be stored in firebays or racks. Depending on the size of the yard.


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The process is still lengthy however the burden on fees and paperwork is much reduced for this new permit.  You will still need to keep all waste transfer notes and complete returns quarterly.

If you are looking to become a registered ATF then call us for more information on how to apply for an appropriate ELV permit.

Paul helped us apply for our first standard rules permit as well as writing our FPP & EMS, throughout the challenging times of COVID-19 Paul was brilliant with keeping us up to date and pushing the EA for answers. I would strongly recommend Paul’s services to anyone in the waste industry looking for a consultants help! Great work Paul Many thanks!

Connor Lysons - Director

Mogsons Waste – Standard Rules Permit
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