Fire Prevention Plans

Fire Prevention Plans

FPP’s are required with every environmental permit application that involves storing or treating combustible waste. Producing aFPP previously can be quite a complicated process. There is a lot of information and data to gather together. Fire prevention plans are structured and assessed according to the current FPP guidance. This can be be found here. Environment Agency. Note that all elements of the FPP guidance must be complied with. If not your FPP will not pass assessment and your environmental permit may not be granted. FPP’s and the guidance have been around since 2016. They have come about due to the high number of fires that have been reported at waste management sites. The EA now requires that this FPP is pre-approved before an environmental permit can be issued. Information required in the FPP almost always includes the following

FPP Requirements

  • Waste pile sizes & Location
  • Separation distances of 6m between piles
  • Fire fighting water availability and also volumes of water.
  • The amount of fire-water you can hold on site after a fire
  • Fire detection & suppression within buildings
  • Sources of combustion, flames, sparks etc
  • Waste acceptance procedures
  • Site layout
  • Staff qualifications and training
  • Maintenance of plant and equipment
  • PAT testing for electrical items
  • Hot works and gas cylinder storage

A low score on the FPP assessment therefore means it is unlikely that a permit will be issued for your site. You will probably have to submit several versions of your FPP before it is approved. Paul Downing & Associates have produced numerous FPP’s to accompany many environmental permit applications and can therefore help you meet the guidance and achieve the scores required. Similarly, we have produced FPP’s for many differing waste sites & types. We include an FPP as part of the environmental permit application process. Contact us for a discussion on the guidance and how this applies to your site, furthermore whether your site is actually large enough! Call 07790147084 or 01428 768 087

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Energy Management Solutions

We offer a range of energy consultancy solutions for the modern manufacturing business. Above all, compliance to ISO 50001, ESOS and certification for buildings and properties such as EPC's, DEC's & CEEMARS. We can also provide an energy audit of you manufacturing or factory business. We can therefore identify where energy and cost savings can be made. Should you need the services of an energy broker or management company we can look into this for you.


Environmental Management

Paul Downing & Associates offer a range of consultancy, waste and energy management solutions for the modern manufacturing business. Paul Downing & Associates offers services for compliance to legislation, permit applications, audits, ISO 14001 and other services. We can help quantify your impacts on the environment and therefore manage legal compliance and certification schemes on your behalf.


Permits and Consents

Permits & Consents
We offer a range of services to waste management companies who need waste permits, environmental permits and licences. These are needed to operate and those who need to need to stay abreast of UK legislation. We also conduct waste audits on operational businesses wanting to minimise resource use. If you are a waste business operating a transfer station or landfill activity we can help you apply, vary or surrender an environmental permit including helping increase your business by applying for additional waste codes and waste volumes for your business.

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