Waste Audits for Manufacturing

Waste Reduction

We realise that using packaging in your business and then having to get rid of it costs time and money. If you need to comply with the Producer Responsibility Regs (Packaging Regs) or also wish to reduce waste from your process, you may need an external pair of eyes. We can point out where savings can be made. Waste management and environmental compliance in manufacturing businesses is an important aspect of cost control. If left unmanaged may lead to resource use and time losses. Contact us today to help scope your waste review and to identify where efficiencies may be found.

Waste Review And Assessment

Paul Downing & Associates can conduct a waste audit and packaging review for manufacturers and industrial businesses. We help you comply with packaging waste obligations and section 34 “Duty of Care”as well as reduce costs in their business. We are well versed in UK waste regulation and are aware of the burden that waste regulation places on small to medium sized companies.

If you are aware that your business is using too much packaging or because you are paying too much for waste disposal. Conduct a waste review therefore to help you identify where savings and resource use optimisation can be made.

Contact us today for an informal discussion on how to structure your waste review. We will help you to identify cost savings and reduce resource use therefore saving you money and time.

Paul helped us secure a standard rules permit for a metal recycling facility and worked with us through the planning and permitting process in a very professional manner

Reuben Coward, Site Manager

Westfields Ltd – Metal Recycling Permit
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