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Paul Downing & Associates has helped many end of life vehicle recyclers become ATF’s by applying for and obtaining a vehicle depollution permit or environmental permit from the Environment Agency. The process of applying for an ELV permit is not straightforward.

We can help with all aspects of the application including looking at the size of the site and sealed drainage to ensuring that you can meet the requirements of the fire prevention plan guidance. The vehicle depollution permit will take a couple of months to pull together because of the risk assessments, procedures, waste acceptance criteria and surveys. It will take the EA a further 4-6 months before the permit is eventually granted. Above all the FPP needs to be approved before a permit can be issued. This may require several versions and updates before it is approved. Each point of the guidance above must be complied with.

Bespoke Permit

Once you have an ELV permit you can take in end of life vehicles and depollute them in accordance to the conditions on the permit. Activities permitted may include baling tyres, shearing, shredding, cutting and treatment by other means as approved by the EA. Conditions will depend on whether you have a standard rules permit or a bespoke permit. Bespoke permits tend to be more complex and costly, however, whether you need or are eligible to apply for a standard rules permit is something that is discussed at the very beginning of the application process. This however depends on your location, tonnages involved and because of the treatment options required by you.

Site Requirements

Ensure that your site is large enough to meet the 6m boundary requirements in the FPP guidance. Consequently this can prove difficult for smaller operators. In contrast, larger sites will have to deal with larger waste volumes so other factors such as fire water and storage may be an issue. Make a note of the infrastructure costs associated with the permit application above all, costs associated with fire detection and suppression in buildings as well as surfacing and drainage costs. If you store waste in a building you must install fire detection and automatic suppression. Other costs will include the de-pollution rig, waste storage tanks, bunds and lighting.

We can advise on all issues that might arise before you embark on the process.

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ELV Permit


We can provide all of the services necessary to help you apply to become an authorised ATF.

This includes applying for the correct environmental permit and producing all of the correct supporting information and surveys required by the application process. These are however, different for different operators depending on the type of permit and type of operation applied for. Below are some of our services frequently requested by operators wanting to become ATF’s:

  • Review of new sites and suitability for ATF use
  • Review of drainage requirements and sealed systems
  • Sizing of waste piles to meet the FPP guidance
  • Fire Prevention Plans
  • Risk assessments
  • Application forms and supporting surveys
  • Site condition reports
  • Management systems
  • Installation of fire-bays
  • Storage arrangements and racking

The services we provide however are bespoke and dependant on your requirements. As a result no two permit applications are the same. We try to deal with each application on a case by case basis. You may find that older sites operating under older waste management licences do not have to comply with the new regulations. They will eventually have to catch up. However for now it is only new applications and variations that have to comply with the FPP guidance.

Other Requirements

You may find a pre-application screen invaluable. This will determine if there are any sensitive areas close by that might cause complications. We will screen for habitats and ecology and similarly any close proximity rivers or abstraction boreholes.

Contact us today for an informal discussion and how to best approach your application, similarly call us if you have been visited by the EA.

Paul helped us secure a standard rules permit for a metal recycling facility and worked with us through the planning and permitting process in a very professional manner

Reuben Coward, Site Manager

Westfields Ltd – Metal Recycling Permit
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