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Client Requirements

We have helped LKM (London & Kent Metals) recycling with an environmental permit variation, surrender and applications for their metals recycling, ELV, MRF and waste transfer station businesses in the south east. This has involved liaison with the Environment Agency and the provision of all supporting surveys and documents to help LKM expand their growing business.

As part of their expanding operations LKM Recycling have installed a new shredder at their recycling facility in Sittingbourne, Kent. Installation of the shredder was subject to an environmental permit variation along with several other processes now regulated by the Environment Agency. The new shredder is housed in a building and part of the permit application required a demonstration that dust, noise and fire would be contained within the curtilage of the site and would not provide a nuisance or danger to other neighbours on the industrial estate.

Several other projects commissioned by LKM recycling also required the surrender of environmental permits and the benchmarking of contaminated land and decommissioning of installed interceptors and sealed drainage systems.

What We Delivered

We have a good track record of helping metal recycling firms expand their operations by adding new waste types and helping to increase licensed waste volumes accepted at transfer stations and landfills.  This can be achieved by applying for an environmental permit variation in most cases. We helped LKM with several sites in Kent with permit variations, applications and environmental permit surrender. Most of the projects required the following services in order to help the applications be duly made and accepted by the Environment Agency. These were all provided by Paul Downing & Associates.

  • Fire prevention plans and risk assessments
  • OPRA profiles
  • H1 risk assessments
  • Environmental management systems
  • Odour management plans
  • Dust management plans
  • Waste acceptance criteria
  • Training & Awareness
  • Liaison with the Environment Agency
  • Response to schedule 5 requests for further information
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