Waste In Construction

You can use waste in construction projects such as for bunds or infilling low lying levels of land. There are several types of permits that can be applied for.

In order for these to be approved you will need to demonstrate that this is a “Recovery” operation and not a “Disposal” operation. A waste recovery plan will need to be produced first. This should demonstrate beyond doubt that your operation is recovery not disposal Waste Recovery Plans . Once this is approved then you are free to apply for a waste recovery permit such as SR 2010 No8


Recovery Of Waste In Construction

In the waste recovery plan you will need to prove that your project is a valid one. It would have gone ahead even if you couldn’t use available waste i.e. you would have paid for raw materials. There is no point trying to contrive a construction project just to import waste. Such as filling in low-lying paddocks or building bunds which really do not need to happen. The EA will see through this and it is unlikely that your WRP will be approved.

If however you have a genuine project that requires you to import waste for construction and you have planning permission etc, then applying for one of these environmental permits can be straight forward.

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Paul, helped us achieve an ELV permit for our new car breaking facility. Thank you.

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