The number of waste environmental permits and standard rules permits available to apply for is quite overwhelming. If you are a new business you need to decide;

  • What European Waste Codes (EWC) you want to bring to site
  • What annual tonnage you want to bring in
  • What type of waste treatment you are proposing, shredding, baling, compacting, screening
  • Where your site is in relation to nearby sensitive receptors

Waste: Environmental Permits

The comprehensive list of standard rules permits can be found on the Environment Agency website

Choosing one of these and being able to meet the multiple conditions in each permit is quite a daunting task to decipher.

For example the EA consider manual sorting “treatment”. Trying to decipher what a “priority habitat” is and if there is one close to your site is nigh on impossible for the layman.

Fortunately we have years of experience in helping companies. We can help you decide how to go about choosing and then applying for the right type of environmental permit.

If youn are struggling to decide on which permit is right for your business give us a call today for an informal discussion, we can help you decide and provide all of the support you need for a successful application.