Waste Environmental Permits

There are many reasons why businesses need to apply for waste environmental permits. Many recycling and waste management companies run waste transfer stations or construction waste recycling centres. These may be regulated under the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2016. In order to operate legally they will need to apply and be granted waste environmental permits. Permits are issued by the Environment Agency.

Applying for and obtaining Waste Permits can be quite protracted and time consuming. In some case they can take up to two years to obtain. We are experienced in dealing with the EA and this process.

Paul Downing & Associates can help you apply for your waste environmental permits whatever business you are in. Likewise we can provide all of the associated support services and surveys therefore to ensure that you are fully compliant with the EPR Reg’s 2016.

The whole process may take upwards of a year or so to complete. The permit may also be issued with pre-operational conditions and strict limits. Training of your staff and ongoing refresher course may also be a condition of operating.

How we can help

Paul Downing & Associates have been helping companies to apply for waste environmental permits for over 25 years. We have a good record of helping waste businesses grow as a result of increasing tonnages on their permits and introduce new waste types to their sites.

Fire Prevention Plans

One of the main elements of new permit applications in the last couple of years has been the requirement to submit a fire prevention plan. This is required with each combustible waste permit application. This is a rather involved document detailing how much access you have to fire water, how large your waste piles will be and what measures you have in place to deal with an incident in the event of a fire. Other risk assessments are also required. We can help with all of the following in order to help you with your permit application.

  • FPP
  • Site condition report (SCR)
  • Odour management plan
  • Dust management plan
  • EMS
  • Sealed drainage systems and drainage infrastructure
  • Risk assessments




Paul was very knowledgeable and talked us through an environmental permit application for an Anaerobic Digestion project. The permit was issued on the basis of the work carried out by Paul, without further questions or clarifications. We will definitely be using Paul again as the project progresses.

Mike Stollery - Manager

Mickram – Anaerobic Digestion Permit
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