Making An Application

A duly made environmental permit application is one that has been accepted by the Environment Agency. It means that they have the right information to start looking at it.

Once the application is duly made, if it gets refused thereafter you can lose your application fee. Before duly made you can withdraw the application and get your application fee back. This step of the application does NOT mean that the EA have looked at any content yet. They have only looked to see if it is present in the application.

Although this is the first hurdle to cross when making a permit application. There is still along way to go before the permit itself will be issued. In fact it might may be refused after it has been duly made.

Permit Application

The duly made checklist that EA officers need to address before they issue a duly made notice include items such as;

  • Whether the fee has been paid
  • Has a fire prevention plan been submitted with the application
  • Have all the right forms been submitted
  • Are the site plans correct
  • Are the right WAMITAB qualifications submitted
  • Is the application allowed – does the applicant have previous convictions or a record of insolvency.

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Paul helped us apply for our first standard rules permit as well as writing our FPP & EMS, throughout the challenging times of COVID-19 Paul was brilliant with keeping us up to date and pushing the EA for answers. I would strongly recommend Paul’s services to anyone in the waste industry looking for a consultants help! Great work Paul Many thanks!

Connor Lysons - Director

Mogsons Waste – Standard Rules Permit
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