Schedule 5 Notice

Schedule 5 Notice

The Environment Agency. is responsible for issuing a schedule 5 notice. The notice can be issued once an environmental permit application has been made. It is usually a request for more information. Schedule 5 notices…

Waste Licence Application

Paul Downing & Associates has helped many companies apply for a waste licence application. Most of these businesses have been waste management companies. They also usually run a recycling centre. In many cases they operate…

waste environmental permit

Waste Environmental Permit

In order to apply for a waste environmental permit, you will therefore need to know the location of your yard or premises. Permits, however are tied to the piece of land on which you plan…

Waste Yard Review

Some clients require a waste yard review. This can be completed before they commit to applying for an environmental permit. Here at Paul Downing & Associates we can review your waste yard. Paul Downing &…

waste licence

Waste Licence Applications

If you need to apply for a waste licence or environmental permit from the Environment Agency, we can help. Paul Downing & Associates have helped many waste businesses apply for and successfully achieve the relevant…

environmental permit application

Environmental Permit Application

We can help you make an environmental permit application to either to the Environment Agency or Local Authority. Both regimes are regulated under the Pollution Prevention & Control (PPC) or Environmental Permitting (EP) Regulations. You…


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