Environmental Permit Forms

Environmental Permit Forms

The environmental permit forms you need to fill in also depends on the application you are applying for. The Environment Agency therefore has a bewildering range of permit and forms to choose from. In addition,…

Skip Hire Business

Set Up A Skip Hire Business

If you are looking to set up a skip hire business, we can help you get started. There are several barriers to entry into this type of business. In order to become a legal waste…

Schedule 5 Notice

Schedule 5 Notice

The Environment Agency. is responsible for issuing a schedule 5 notice. The notice can be issued once an environmental permit application has been made. It is usually a request for more information. Schedule 5 notices…

Authorised Treatment Facility

Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF)

You will need to be an authorised treatment facility if you want to break vehicles. In order to become an ATF you will need an ELV permit from the Environment Agency. An ELV (End of…

Waste Licence Application

Paul Downing & Associates has helped many companies apply for a waste licence application. Most of these businesses have been waste management companies. They also usually run a recycling centre. In many cases they operate…

Cat B vehicles

Cat B vehicles

In order to buy Cat B vehicles (Category B vehicles) which have been classed as a write off, you must me a registered ATF (authorised treatment facility). We can help you apply for the correct…

EA Waste Permit

You will need an EA waste permit if you plan to recycle waste. The Environment Agency (EA) are the regulator responsible for dealing with companies who import and treat waste. A permit allows you to…

waste environmental permit

Waste Environmental Permit

In order to apply for a waste environmental permit, you will therefore need to know the location of your yard or premises. Permits, however are tied to the piece of land on which you plan…

transfer environmental permit

Transfer Environmental Permit

If you feel the process of applying for a new environmental permit is too onerous. You can apply to transfer environmental permit from an existing company into your company name. You will need to operate…

dust management plan

Dust Management Plan

A dust management plan is required to support some environmental permit applications to the Environment Agency. If you operation includes crushing or grading construction or demolition waste. You are likely to have to submit a…


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