Small Scale Permit

Paul Downing

The Environment Agency have introduced a small scale permit for End of Life Vehicles (ELV’s) and metal recycling. A full standard rules permit or bespoke permit is quite demanding especially in terms of the fire prevention plan.

Until recently if you were a small scale operator you had to apply for a standard rules permit. This allowed you to recycle metals and ELV’s. These permit usually allowed 75,000 tonnes per annum and required a full fire prevention plan.

The Environment Agency have now realised that many operators wanting permits are small scale operators. Maybe only recycling several cars a month.

Small Scale Permit Process

There are a number of small scale permits where the application process has been streamlined. The requirement to submit a full fire prevention plan therefore has been minimised.

This has made the process simpler for many small scale businesses to get started. However there is still a large amount of red tape associated with making an application to the Environment Agency.

There are also numerous restrictive conditions in the smaller permits that you must be aware of if you intend to apply. These could restrict your business in a year or two wewn you have grown larger.

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