Waste Transfer Station Permit

Paul Downing

You will need a waste transfer station permit if you run a recycling business.

The term “waste transfer station” refers to any sort of location that imports and treats waste. This may be end of life vehicles (ELV). It may be recycling car batteries. It may be skip waste or construction and demolition waste. Your yard or location collects waste, treats it in some way, then exports the differing grades of material.

The waste transfer station permit is an environmental permit issued by the Environment Agency. In order to apply for a permit you will need to ensure that your chosen location is not close to sensitive receptors. Such as SSSI’s, protected woodland or RAMSAR sites. You can apply if you are close to these but the burden of proof needed to prove that you will not have an environmental impact will be higher.

We have helped many businesses successfully apply for and achieve a successful permit application. Without the permit you will be treating waste illegally and subject to quite stringent fines and potential prosecution.

Waste treatment can mean simply manual sorting of skip waste. So make sure that you do not fall foul of the regulations. Even if you are operating on a very small scale. Call us if you need more information.

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