Permit To Operate

Paul Downing

You need a permit to operate from the Environment Agency if you want to run a waste recycling facility or other regulated process.

The operator will require a permit to operate that particular operation. Planning is also required for the particular type of land use. You will need both if you want to operate a waste transfer station.

Types of permit to operate include standard rules permits and bespoke permits. Both are also known as environmental permits.

The permit to operate will specify certain operating conditions relating to your abatement plant on site. Examples therefore such as dust abatement, water discharges and waste types will be specified in the permit.

You cannot run a specifiedprocess before you have a permit in place. As this may take several months to obtain and is tied to a piece of land. You may need to rent a premises for a year or more before the permit is issued. In that time you cannot operate.

Paul Downing & Associates have helped many new businesses get up and running. We have helped with the planning and permit process to get your waste business legal. If you are looking to start a new waste business then give us a call first for an informal discussion.

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