Waste Operators Licence

Paul Downing

A waste operators licence is also know as a waste management licence or environmental permit. It is very different to a waste carrier licence which take 10 minutes to register for and costs a couple of hundred pounds.

A site licence issued to a business which allows them to recycle waste and act as a waste transfer station is quite an onerous undertaking. Treat it more as another planning type application. It will take just as long and will involve answering many questions and comments.

The waste operators licence is issued by the Environment Agency. It lasts forever or until you transfer it to another company or it is surrendered. Surrendering a permit is almost as difficult as obtaining one in the first place.

You will need to ensure that your chosen site can meet the geographical conditions in the licence i.e. it is not close to protected woodland, nature reserves or canals and rivers for example. Each type of licence has different conditions in it.

You cann ot apply for a permit in one location then move. The permit is tied to the piece of land. It is an “Environmental” permit after all. So what is around your site is vitally important. You won’t be allowed to apply for a permit at all locations.

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