Compliance Assessment Report (CAR)

Paul Downing

A compliance assessment report is issued by the Environment Agency after each inspection.

If you hold an environmental permit. Then you will have a scheduled visit from your EA officer. This is to check for compliance with your permit conditions. These are legally binding conditions on how you run your waste operation or industrial facility.

Non-compliances are listed on your compliance assessment report. You must address these shortfalls and provide the EA with a timescale for continuing compliance.

Repeated non-compliances may result in an enforcement notice from the EA to put in compliance measures. In extreme instances if you pose a risk to the environment you may be served a prohibition notice. A prohibition notice will effectively tell you to stop operations until such deficiences in your operations are corrected.

Non compliances may therefore be brought about by physical breaches of permit conditions. For example air emissions or an oil spills. Other non-compliances may be failures in management system procedures. Such as the failure of risk assessments to identify any operational risks. You may have actually breached legislation. Such as not having the correct waste transfer notes in place or storing dis-allowed waste on site.

We have helped many companies with CAR reports and EA compliance issues.

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