Environmental Permitting Regulations

Environmental Permits and waste Licences

Is you industrial or manufacturing business required to make an environmental permit application to either the Environment Agency or Local Authority under the Pollution Prevention & Control (PPC) or Environmental Permitting Regulations (EP)? If you have never made a permit application to a regulator previously then the process may seen rather complex and daunting as there are many supporting surveys and reports that need to be provided along with the application itself. We can help you through the process and have a good track record in obtaining permits from both the Environment Agency and Local Authorities throughout the UK. We have established contacts with many local EA officers and local authorities through our extensive consultancy support.

Environmental Permitting Regulations

Every environmental permit application requires a large number of supporting documents and surveys such as an environmental risk assessment (H1) and an environmental management system¬†(EMS), to be accompanied with the permit application forms themselves. Site condition reports (SCR’s) and baseline surveys help to determine the state of your installation at the beginning of the application so that on closure of the operation it is clear what impact you may have had on the environment during the life of the permit. We can help with all aspects of the application process including all site reports and surveys including scoping the application with the appropriate regulator and determining a programme of activity to ensure that your application has every chance of success. We will support you through the application and post application phases when additional information may be requested to comply with¬†Environmental Permitting Regulations.

I contacted Paul earlier this year to help us with our permit variation and a separate permit application, I would recommend Paul for this work, he made the process very professional and we achieved our goals with great success.

Tony Hughes, Managing Director.

London Kent Metals
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