Environmental Permit Process

Paul Downing

The environmental permit process for applying to the Environment Agency can be quite daunting. There is currently a large backlog with all permit applications and for standard rules permits you need to allow at least 10 months. Some bespoke permits can take up to two years to get determined.

Environmental Permit Process

The following is the usual process for applying for a permit from the Environment Agency.

  • Identify the permit you need (standard rules or bespoke)
  • Screen your site to make sure there are no protected areas close by
  • Gather all of the supporting information together
  • Complete a risk assessment
  • Write an Environmental Management System
  • Write a Fire Prevention Plan
  • Complete the application Forms
  • Register on the correct WAMITAB Course
  • Pay the EA application Fee
  • Submit the application
  • Receive confirmation of receipt
  • Respond to the EA requests for more information to get it “Duly Made”
  • Receive a “Duly Made” letter
  • Receive a schedule 5 request for more information
  • Respond to the Schedule 5 request
  • Receive a second schedule 5 request
  • Respond to the second schedule 5
  • Hopefully eventually receive a draft permit
  • Review draft permit and make any amendments
  • Final permit issued.

The whole process can easily take a year or more, although some of the smaller site and simpler standard rules permits may only take 6-8 months to go through.

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