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There are so many legal obligations to comply with if you are involved in manufacturing or industry. It is not always clear what you have to do to ensure compliance with permits and licences. We can help clarify your legal environmental compliance obligations and help you through the maze of legislation. We can also help you with the nice to do options surrounding sustainability and environmental policy.

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Paul Downing & Associates have a broad range of experience in many differing industries and realise that what constitutes environmental compliance in one sector does not always mean compliance in another due to differing legal obligations. We regularly help companies obligated under the Environmental Permitting Regulations. Contact us for a bespoke audit of your operations.

Paul carried out a full generator and bespoke site permit for us. Was a lengthy drawn out EA process however Paul took care of everything for us. We are well pleased with his work and service and can recommend his services to anyone with utter confidence.

Cayne Andrew - Project Manager

National Recycling Ltd – Bespoke Waste Permit
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