EA Permit Cost

Paul Downing

The EA permit cost document is not easy to read. Some 166 pages of information to digest covering all of the permits and associated costs.

A typical standard rules permit has a base application fee of around £4k. You can add on an additional £1.2k for each additional survey submitted or required with the application. For example a fire prevention plan or dust management plan.

If you cannot find a standard rules permit that meets your needs. Or if you cannot meet the conditions in it. You will need to apply for a bespoke permit. Application fees for these start at around £8k and again if you need to supply additional surveys, the Environment Agency will charge and additional £1.2k for assessing each of these.

EA Permit Cost & Subsistence Fees

The EA also charge annual subsistence fees for permits. That is, you need to pay an annual fee (approximately 40% of the application fee) which covers the Environment Agency fees for coming out to inspect you.

There is a higher tier of EA permit cost related to “Installation” permits. These are larger operations such as power stations, food factories, chemical plant etc. These fees start at around £10k and can go upwards to £30+ depending on the complexity of the operation and how many activities are involved. For example you may have a chemical plant, effluent plant and CHP plant on one site. These are all independant activities and all attract a charge.

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