Western Power Distribution – Environmental Permits

Client Requirements

Western Power Distribution required a one-stop shop consultancy for all of the supporting surveys and reports required with a large portfolio of environmental permits and applications to the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales. We were able to provide all of the support required during the “duly making” and determination part of the process and also include support to depots for variations due to operational changes.

We helped produce site condition reports, OPRA profiles, H1 risk assessments and all of the supporting surveys in order to get standard rules and bespoke waste installation permit applications duly made. We worked with the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales on the schedule 5 requests to ensure that all permits were eventually granted.

What We Delivered

Environmental Permit Applications for over 35 depots depots in England and Wales for the storage of waste insulating oils. Liaison with the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales and the production of all surveys and reports required as part of the environmental permit application process.

WPD were keen to ensure that the scoping of the portfolio of depots was correct and we were able to help determine whether each depot required a standard rules, bespoke or installations permit application. We provided advice on the storage of insulating oils, bunding and oil storage facilities, drainage arrangements as well as surface water interceptor configuration and compliance to the Control of Pollution Act (COPA).

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