Waste Transfer Station Permit

You will need a waste transfer station permit if you run a recycling business. The term “waste transfer station” refers to any sort of location that imports and treats waste. This may be end of…

Transfer Station Permit

If you are opening a waste transfer station, you will need an environmental permit from the Environment Agency. There are two types of permit however, standard rules and bespoke permits. Paul Downing & Associates has…

Waste Transfer Station

Waste Transfer Station

If you operate a waste transfer station or are considering opening one, here are a few items that you will need to address. You will need an environmental permit to operate that stipulates the waste…

waste transfer station licence

Waste Transfer Station Licence

The documentary requirements needed to apply for or amend a waste transfer station licence is not to be taken lightly. Each application will be equivalent to a planning application in terms of the documents required….

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