Transfer Station Permit

Paul Downing

If you are opening a waste transfer station, you will need an environmental permit from the Environment Agency. There are two types of permit however, standard rules and bespoke permits.

Paul Downing & Associates has a long track record of helping waste management companies apply for and obtain the necessary permits.

The process of applying for a permit can be lengthy.

Time to issue the permit will also be dependant on location of the site and also the type of permit applied for. A bespoke permit can take up to two years. Standard rules usually take between 4-7 months.

Because there are several types of transfer station permit, hazardous, non hazardous, asbestos, clinical, ELV, metals, household etc, each waste type will, determine the type and also number of risk assessments that need to accompany the application.

We can produce all of the risk assessments needed for a successful permit application.

  • Fire prevention plan
  • Site condition report
  • Ecology survey
  • Dust management plan
  • Noise and vibration survey
  • Drainage plans
  • Scaled drawings
  • Energy surveys
  • Receptor sites
  • Habitats surveys
  • Waste management acceptance plans

We have a FAQ section on our homepage. Here you can review some of the frequently asked questions about applying for an environmental permit. The process is not straight always forward.

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