Waste Transfer Station Licence

Paul Downing

waste transfer station licence

You may need a waste transfer station licence if you are a commercial activity taking in waste from industrial and commercial sources. The waste transfer licence or environmental permit you require will depend on the types of waste you intend to take in and the treatment processes you will be undertaking as well as your location and nearby receptors.

The documentary and survey requirements needed to apply for or amend a waste transfer station licence is not to be taken lightly. Each application or variation will be equivalent to a planning application in terms of the drawings, records, procedures and risk assessments required to be submitted. If you have never applied for an environmental permit previously the process can be quite daunting.

Recent guidance on fire prevention plans is proving difficult to comply with, however with fires at waste sites seeming to be on the news almost weekly the focus on this area is likely to be the main focus of all new applications and variations for the forseeable future.


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