Waste Transfer Station

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If you operate a waste transfer station or are considering opening one, here are a few items that you will need to address. You will need an environmental permit to operate that stipulates the waste types and volumes that you can bring to site. It will also state what type of treatment you can conduct. If your waste transfer station has a baler or shredder then this will need to be included in the environmental permit.

The permit application itself will involve producing the application forms but similar to a planning application. The application will need to be accompanied by several supporting surveys and reports. These identify the risk to the environment of your proposed activity. This may include;

  • A fire prevention plan
  • A site condition report
  • An environmental management system
  • A flood risk assessment
  • An ecology survey
  • A dust management plan
  • An odour management plan
  • A noise and vibration management plan

Waste Transfer Station

The Environment Agency will want to know your opening hours and the fate of the waste you recycle. Also how it is stored and managed whilst on your premises. The whole process can take up to a year to gain the permit from starting the process off. You must plan ahead to ensure that you can be operational as quickly as possible.

You may also require the appropriate planning permission from your local authority. Although if you are applying for a waste and minerals application, then this is likely to be determined by your county council. As part of your application you will also need to demonstrate that you are a competent operator. You will need to know therefore the legislation and guidance required to work in this industrial sector. Also Your WAMITAB qualification will be dependent on your waste sector type and activity.

Paul Downing & Associates are an environmental consultancy who have experience of this type of application and can help you with all of the supporting surveys.


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