Hazardous Waste Permit Application MCS

Client Requirements

Mobile compactor services (MCS) offer a waste recycling operation and mobile skip refuse from their site in Chatham Docks. We were asked to help them apply for a hazardous waste permit application for their transfer station. Our support involved producing a fire prevention plan detailing all of the contingency measures in place should a fire occur.

What We Delivered

We helped MCS with site drainage plans, site condition reports, environmental management systems and liaison with the Environment Agency in order to submit a duly made hazardous waste permit application.

We provided support with

  • Fire Prevention Plan
  • Site Condition Report
  • Environmental Management System
  • OPRA and H1 risk assessments
  • Drainage runs and sealed drainage systems
  • Liaison with the EA
  • Flood risk
  • Odour and air quality
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