Environmental Efficiency?

Paul Downing

I am constantly surprised by the number of companies I visit who strive to demonstrate to clients, the public and stakeholders their commitment to the environment but seem to miss out key metrics on some of the fundamentals of their business.

Most organisations try hard to produce a policy, improvement programme or other communication to tell the world about their environmental commitment. In a lot of cases the communication is bland or contrived and doesn’t relate to the actual impacts where costs and risk can be minimised.
Impacts related to F-gas leaks in A/C units, air compressor leaks, inefficient or leaking compressed air lines, poor storage facilities or poor chemical/oil handling facilities, poorly evaluated CAPEX proposals, all contribute to increased impact and cost but for some reason never seem to figure highly on improvement programmes or result in targeted action plans.

These areas may not be “sexy” but for most industrial businesses these are the areas where environmental impact reduction and real business benefit meet and should be the focus for increased management control after thorough audit.


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