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We are a consultancy offering solutions to the energy, environmental and sustainability challenges faced by manufacturing & industry.

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We have learnt that “one size does not fit all”  when it comes to business solutions and a small independent manufacturing or engineering company will need a different level of environmental consultancy support to that of a worldwide manufacturer. With a wide network of associate environmental consultants built up through 20 years of working in the environmental regulation, certification and environmental consultancy sector, we can offer a tailored solution to suit a variety of business needs. We offer a range of environmental consultancy solutions for the modern manufacturing business, such as compliance to environmental legislation, cost saving through energy and waste reduction and planning consultancy. We are an environmental consultancy based in Hampshire but service many of our clients throughout the UK.


All consultancy undertaken by us is always tailored to solve your particular problem and all of our associate environmental consultants are seasoned professionals well versed in dealing with the complex balance of having to comply with environmental regulation as well as satisfying business demands. We appreciate that you have to run a commercially viable business as well as having to comply with  the vast array of legislation and other obligations placed on you.


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Whether you are looking to develop and implement a management system to ISO 50001 or ISO 14001  (click here for a free ISO 50001 audit checklist), conduct an energy audit and carbon reduction plan, trying to purchase or develop land, discharge planning conditions or simply require the advice of an environmental consultant to decipher the vast array of environmental legislation in your business sector, we can offer tailored consultancy advice appropriate to your particular circumstances and budget.


We pride ourselves in being an environmental consultancy who also realises that you are in business to earn revenue and always ensure that your business interests are considered in any environmental consultancy work that we undertake. We always consider cost and business PR as part of our work and ensure that your business integrity is maintained..



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