Environmental Permits, Waste, Water and Energy Management.

"No Nonsense" Environmental Consultancy Solutions For Business

Paul Downing and Associates provides environmental consultancy solutions for businesses in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Data centres, waste transfer stations, manufacturing facilities and food factories are all examples of typical clients that we help with EA permit applications, licences and compliance issues. We provide environmental consultancy solutions to businesses in the UK and Europe. Our extensive network of environmental, waste and energy consultants enables us to deal with any project, anywhere. We also deal with smaller projects such as environmental permits for septic tanks, discharge consents and trade effluent licences, often with fixed costs.

Environmental Legal Compliance

We can help you to comply with legislation and to prepare environmental permits and variations. We can  help you to develop Management Systems such as, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 and provide internal audit, consultancy and training. Consultancy is tailored to your particular business and compliance need, so whatever sector you happen to work in we can help . We have also gained a lot of experience in dealing with local authorities and the Environment Agency. We can help you deal with enforcement notices or legal issues that may be threatening your business and causing you concern.

Consultancy For Business

Paul Downing and Associates offers practical environmental consultancy and solutions to environmental problems faced by businesses in the UK. We understand the regulatory framework in the UK and how it applies to different sectors, as a result we do not do anything “off the shelf”. None of our projects are exactly the same due to the wide range of sectors we work in and the applicable legislation in each. All Paul Downing & Associates environmental consultants are experienced professionals in their own field with a broad range of skills gained from working with manufacturing and industrial businesses over a number of years. If you need to make an EA permit Application or need help with a compliance issue, please give us a call.

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Environmental Consultancy Services

Energy Consultancy

Energy Management Solutions

We offer a range of energy consultancy solutions for the modern manufacturing business, such as compliance to ISO 50001, ESOS and provide certification for buildings and properties such as EPC's, DEC's & CEEMARS. We can provide an energy audit of you manufacturing or factory business to identify where energy and cost savings can be made. Should you need the services of an energy broker or management company we can look into this for you via our network of approved energy managers.

Environmental Consultancy

Environmental Management

Paul Downing & Associates offer a range of environmental consultancy, waste and energy management solutions for the modern manufacturing business. Paul Downing & Associates offers services for compliance to legislation, environmental permit applications, audits, ISO 14001 and other services. We can help quantify your impacts on the environment and manage legal compliance and certification schemes on your behalf.

Waste Consultancy

Permits and Consents

We offer a range of services to waste management companies who need waste permits and licences to operate and those who need to need to stay abreast of UK legislation. We also conduct waste audits on operational businesses wanting to minimise resource use. If you are a waste business operating a transfer station or landfill activity we can help you apply, vary or surrender an environmental permit including helping increase your business by applying for additional waste codes and waste volumes for your business.

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