Treatment Plant Discharge

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Any treatment plant discharge to surface water or groundwater requires a permit. There are therefore exemptions for small discharges but anything over 5 cubic metres requires an environmental permit from the Environment Agency.

We can help you apply for the correct permit. A dry ditch is not a controlled watercourse. You can apply to discharge a controlled watercourse (river or stream). You can also apply to discharge to groundwater therefore via a drainage field or deep well structure.

A discharge to groundwater will also therefore require a groundwater risk assessment. A treatment plant to discharge in a chalky area over a principal aquifer is a more high risk activity than to a lower class surface water course.

The permit granted will limit the amount and types of pollutant you can discharge. Typical parameters include BOD, SS, pH and NH3. Biological oxygen demand, suspended solids, pH and ammoniacal nitrogen.

The Environment Agency will also test compliance by sampling your effluent at regular intervals. The results of this monitoring will be sent to you. If you are out of compliance you be issued an enforcement notice or face other sanctions.

We can help you with all aspects of a permit application to discharge treated sewage effluent. Call us for more information.

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