S2 Waste Exemption

Paul Downing

The S2 waste exemption is changing. Along with a lot of other exemption changes in 2024.

Probably the most common type of waste exemption to be registered. The secure storage of waste. There are numerous waste codes that can be kept on site under this exemption. There are strict conditions on the limit of waste and waste types you can keep. Along with how you keep the wastes too.

Previously the Environment Agency would allow site to run a permit and an exemption along side each other. Because, From 2024 it will no longer be possible to have an exemption adjacent to an already permitted site. You may have to vary your existing environmental permit to incorporate the requirements of the waste exemption.

The S2 waste exemption only allows the storage of wastes. There is no treatment of waste allowed under this exemption. You also cannot store MIXED waste under this exemption. So if you are a skip hire company this exemption will not therefore work for you. Additionally, All exemptions preclude the import of mixed waste onto sites.

Paul Downing & Associates have helped many companies understand the complexity or permits and exemptions. If you are therefore looking for help and guidance on which way to best comply for your recycling business. Call us today for more information.

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