Environmental Permit Register

Paul Downing

There is an environmental permit register that list all waste companies in the UK with an environmental permit. The public register is run by DEFRA and list all companies with permits and exemptions in the UK. It is a useful resource for waste companies and consultants alike.

There is a separate ATF register. This shows all companies in the UK who hold an ATF permit or ELV permit for breaking cars.

If you are starting to apply for a permit to recycle waste in England. It might also be an idea to search the register to see who you nearest competitors might be.

The environmental permit register can tell you

  • The type of permit held
  • Name and address of the operator
  • When the permit was issued
  • When any variations were applied for and issued
  • Grid references for discharge permits

You can also request a copy of the permit documents from the Environment Agency if you wish to view the actual documents.

Data on permits held goes back a long way. You can therefore review old waste management licences and discharge permits issued in the 1960’s & 70’s.

Should you therefore need help applying for a waste recycling permit. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 01428 768087 or 07790147084.

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