Car Breakers Permit

Paul Downing

In order to obtain a car breakers permit and become an ATF (authorised treatment facility). You will need to apply for an Environmental Permit from the Environment Agency. The process is lengthy and it can take several months before you are approved for a permit.

There are several documents and surveys you will need to complete in order to make a “Duly Made” application.

Once the application is duly made you can expect several months of questions from the EA before the permit is issued.

One of the most important documents to produce when applying for a car breakers permit therefore is a fire prevention plan (FPP).

The FPP must include details of how you will

  • Prevent fires starting
  • Have access to enough water in the event of a fire
  • Store waste 6m apart in the yard to mimimise the chances of fires spreading
  • Store waste inside concrete firebays inside buildings
  • Install CCTV with heat or flame detection
  • Install fire suppression
  • Prevent dirty firewater from exiting the site after a fire
  • Provide a sealed drainage system
  • Store maximum pile sizes
  • Separate waste piles
  • Notify neighbours downwind in the event of a fire
  • Deal with small scale fires
  • Store oils and other combustible materials on site

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