ELV Permit (End of Life Vehicles Regulations) 2003

Paul Downing

An ELV Permit or end of life vehicles regulations apply to you if you take in old vehicles and issue a certificate of destruction (COD) to the owner and depollute the vehicles, removing old parts and components such as engine oil, mercury switches, air bags, catalytic convertors and batteries. In order to do this you must have ATF (authorised treatement facility) status from the DVLA

The Environment Agency may also require you to have an ELV permit, a sealed drainage system and environmental management system. Both ATF and ELV permit applications require an element of bureaucracy and finding your way through the many guidelines and technical documents can be a minefield.

There may also be a requirement to submit a site condition report (SCR) and an environmental management system which details how you plan to operate your facility and record waste into and out of the installation as part of the permit application process. The requirements for sealed drainage systems that do not drain to surface water can be very costly indeed as specified under the end of life vehicles regulations

We have noticed an increase in EA regulation recently by requiring large scale ELV operators and smaller breakers to have permits and additional conditions applied where previously they have operated without or have not been covered by the regulations.

If you need help with an environmental permit for an ELV installation or any other aspect of environmental management related to such activities then please call us today for information gathered from previous experience in this area.




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