Waste Treatment Permit

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You will need a waste treatment permit if you wish to treat waste. If you want to import waste and recycle it, You need a waste treatment permit.

These permits are also know as environmental permits or waste management licences. Permits are issued by the Environment Agency.

In order to obtain a permit. You will need to demonstrate that you can operate a waste site without harm to the environment. Your application may need to include one or more of the following.

Waste Treatment Permit

  • Dust management plan
  • Noise management plan
  • Fire prevention plan
  • Odour management plan
  • Pest control plan
  • Contaminated land report
  • Discharge flows and loads

Your proposed treatment methods may have a bearing on your permit. Because, If you are shredding, shearing, baling, cutting, crushing or treating by other means. These all have impacts on the environment to some degree.

We help many new businesses get started by

  • Identifying a site
  • Screeing a site for habitats and species
  • Site layout
  • Optimising for fire prevention
  • Permit application
  • Operational procedures
  • Compliance with the Environment Agency requirements

If you are looking therefore to start a new recycling business. Call us today for an informal conversation.

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