Schedule 5 Notice

Paul Downing

The Environment Agency. is responsible for issuing a schedule 5 notice.

The notice can be issued once an environmental permit application has been made. It is usually a request for more information.

Schedule 5 notices are usually therefore time limited. If you do not respond to the notice within the required timeframe, your application may be withdrawn.

A schedule 5 notice is also your opportunity to explain certain aspects of your business to the Environment Agency. The notice may just require points of clarification. In some instances the notice will request that you provide additional surveys or data to support your application.

An inappropriate response to the notice or failure to respond correctly, could therefore result in your application being withdrawn or returned. In the latter case you will lose your initial application fee.

Paul Downing & Associates have helped many companies with permit applications. We work with you throughout the application process. This includes responding to requests for more information and providing additional surveys if required.

If you have therefore already submitted a permit application but have received a request for more information, we can help you respond to ensure a successful outcome. Call us to day for more information.

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