Permit Variation To The EA

Paul Downing

You can apply for a permit variation if you need to alter your existing permit. You may need to extend the land area. Increase tonnage or add more waste types to the permit.

In order to apply for this permit variation, you need to apply to the Environment Agency.

There is a fee to pay, which will therefore depend on the increase in volume and waste types you are asking for.

You will need to update your fire prevention plan if you have one and complete several risk assessments. These should demonstrate that the new volumes/waste types introduce no additional fire risk.

You cannot vary a standard rules permit and therefore you will need to vary it to a bespoke permit. If your variation cannot be granted you will be notified.

Paul Downing & Associates have helped many businesses apply for a permit variation. We have a good record of helping you achieve the grant to allow your business to grow.

The application will take several months before you are notified. It is not a fore gone conclusion that you will be allowed the variation. You will be asked many questions on why you wish to vary your permit before it is granted.

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