Waste Management Licence

Paul Downing

Many waste transfer stations used to be regulated by issue of a waste management licence. These are now gradually being replaced by newer style environmental permits issued by the Environment Agency.

If your waste business still has a waste management licence and you are being asked to upgrade it, then you will probably have to produce a fire prevention plan amongst other documents in order for the Environment Agency to grant the newer style permit. The new permits are far cleared to understand and be regulated under, however it is understandable if you are slightly cautious about losing the document that has governed your business for a number of years.

Since the older waste management licence was granted newer environmental protection legislation in the form of the “environmental Permitting Regulations 2016” has been introduced and many of the older style licences would no longer be allowed under current legislation due to them not addressing current concerns such as fire on waste sites. The EA are gradually getting waste management companies to move across to the permit regime and upgrade their operations at the same time to comply with the new regulations.

We can help you transfer from a waste management licence to an environmental permit if you are being asked to do so by your regulatory body. You may also wish to consider adding additional EWC codes to your permit in order that you can accept new waste types or perhaps you want to introduce a new activity such as a crusher, baler or shredder to the waste operation. When applying for a new style permit this is the perfect time to consider such additional options.

Paul Downing & Associates has experience of working with waste management companies and industrial businesses to apply for environmental permits and planning applications. Give us a call today for an informal discussion.


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