Mixed Waste Permit

Paul Downing

A mixed waste permit or environmental permit must be applied for if you wish to import and sort skip waste. There is a mixed waste exemption however this does not allow you to import skip waste with material such as plasterboard, bricks, concrete etc.

In order to determine which sort of permit you need there are several factors.

  • Where your site is located
  • Are you storing waste inside a building?
  • Are you planning to treat the waste by baling, shredding etc?
  • What volumes will you be importing?

When applying to the Environment Agency you will need to provide supporting surveys. Commonly for companies recycling skip waste these are usually;

  • Dust management plans
  • Noise management plans
  • Fire prevention plans
  • Drainage surveys
  • Site condition reports

Many companies think that as long as you bring a skip into a site and it doesn’t touch the ground, you can get away without a mixed waste permit. This is not true. If you import skip waste, treat it (by sorting) then export it. You are acting as a waste transfer station and need an environmental permit from the EA.

You will need to allow 6-8 months for a standard rules permit and 12-18 months for a bespoke permit before you can legally operate.

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