Mixed Waste Exemption T10

Paul Downing

You will need a mixed waste exemption T10 if you accept and sort small quantities of waste. The waste codes listed in exemptions are limited and tightly controlled.

This type of exemption is also not for those wishing to bring in skip hire waste. If you want to import skip waste and treat it you will therefore need an environmental permit. The Environment Agency. regulates the issue of exemptions and environmental permits.

The process for registering an exemption is simple. You review the conditions on it and if you can comply you register for free on the EA website. If you cannot comply with the exemption you may need to apply for an environmental permit. This is a much more lengthy and arduous task. It will take months and cost a considerable amount to push through.

Paul Downing & Associates has helped many companies determine if they can work under a mixed waste exemption T10. The chances are that if you want to operate a skip hire company, then you will need to apply for an environmental permit.waste exemptions are very limited. In terms of what wastes, the volume of wastes and how you can store or treat them. Small scale operations and charities can use waste exemptions. If you are commercial waste management company they are unlikely to apply to your business.

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