Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF)

Paul Downing

You will need to be an authorised treatment facility if you want to break vehicles.

In order to become an ATF you will need an ELV permit from the Environment Agency. An ELV (End of Life Vehicles) permit application is similar to a planning application.

Once you have an ELV permit therefore you will be entered onto the EA’s ATF register. You need to allow several months for the permit to be granted.

Becoming authorised to become a car breaker was relatively straight forward. This is no longer the case. Fires and thefts have made the process much more difficult. However, once you do eventually become an Authorised Treatment Facility, you will therefore legally be able to take in and break vehicles.

The Environment Agency fire prevention guidance is not easy to comply with. You made need to upgrade your site in order to comply with the requirements. You will need Cameras with heat detection & sprinklers.

Paul Downing & Associates has helped many companies become an ATF. We have real world experience because of working on recycling sites. Our consultants know how your business operates. We know what the Environment Agency is looking for.

Call us today therefore for further information on obtaining an ELV permit.

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