ATF Permit

Paul Downing

You will need an ATF Permit (Authorised Treatment Facility) if you wish to depollute ELV’s (End Of Life Vehicles) in the UK or break ELV’s into parts.

The ATF permit allows you to become a registered facility. It is issued by the Environment Agency and requires an application to be made. The application is time consuming and the process lengthy.

These applications can be for either a standard rules or bespoke permit. Each ATF Permit application requires several supporting surveys to be provided alongside the application forms themselves. Such supporting surveys therefore include a Fire Prevention Plan (FPP), site condition report, Environmental Management System (EMS) and risk assessments. Other reports may include dust management plans, noise and vibration surveys, site layouts & plans and possibly ecology studies.

We can provide all of the services required to make a “duly made” application to the Environment Agency and therefore help you through the process.

It will take a month or two to put everything together also including the application forms and FPP.

It will take the EA several months to register and determine the application.

Contact us direct for an informal discussion should you need help applying to become an ATF for ELV’s – 07790147084.

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