Waste Yard Review

Paul Downing

Some clients require a waste yard review. This can be completed before they commit to applying for an environmental permit.

Here at Paul Downing & Associates we can review your waste yard. Paul Downing & Associates do a site review. We can tell you what measures you need to take in order to comply with the fire prevention plan guidance. FPP Guidance can be found at the Environment Agency.

Are you are considering applying for a waste management licence? or environmental permit? Not sure if your site is suitable? Call us first. We can therefore help you decide if the upgrades required are worth it. Above all, Upgrades such as concrete surfacing, interceptors, heat detection & suppression, for instance. These can be costly.

Such a review may be a good investment if you are thinking of leasing a site. The site may not fully meet the requirements for an environmental permit. A waste yard review therefore might help you decide if it is worth committing to a long lease.

The review will looks at drainage, security fencing, CCTV, water sources, concrete firebays and other items. The review will tell you where you have to invest in infrastructure in order to comply with the FPP guidance.

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