Waste Licence Types

Paul Downing

There are several types of waste licence. Which one you need depends on what you are planning to do with the waste and the waste type.

A “Waste Carrier Licence” allows you to transport waste from place to place legally. For example, collecting from a customer and bringing it back to a depot. There are upper and lower tier waste carrier licences. These are easy to apply for.

A “Waste Management Licence”, “Environmental Permit” or “Waste Transfer Station Licence” are also the same thing. They are required by waste management companies who want to store or treat waste at a depot or recycling centre. These are more difficult to apply for and will take several months to obtain. They are similar to a planning application and require several supporting surveys to accompany the application. You apply to the Environment Agency for these types of permit.

Waste licence types can also include ELV permits for breaking cars, or permits for skip hire or recycling centres.

Paul Downing & Associates has helped many companies get started in waste recycling. We can also help you determine the waste licence type you therefore need, then help you with the application. Contact us today for an informal discussion on your proposed site and therefore the type of permit you may need.

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